Visual Java/SWING Components Library

Make your Java application or applet look different by using extended Java SWING components!

Visual Java/SWING Components Library contains everything you need to build attractive graphical interfaces: panels, tabbed panes, tables, menus, text, date and image fields, labels, combo-boxes, various types of buttons (standard, radio, hyperlink and so on). Different visual effect such as bevel text/border, fade in/fade out, rounded borders and color gradients could be applied to applications controls making more stylish GUI. VJCL provides a simple to use object-oriented developer API which is based on the standard Java SWING library and greatly extends it.

Visual Java/SWING Components Library can be used for developing cross-platform Java applications or applets. Focused on flexibility, it lets a developer extend the functionality while throughout documentation (using JavaDoc) and code samples will help you start the development straightaway.

Common objectives and our solutions:

  • implement simple image manipulation functionality

Visual Java/SWING Components library allows image zoom in/zoom out, rotation, moving, scrolling, opening, saving and options customization. It is really fast and stable component you may rely on.

  • create database oriented tables

Visual Java/SWING Component library lets you create full-fledged database application or applet. It lets you add/remove, group, sort, filter and search in table columns and rows; find the sum, maximum/minimum values in the columns; expand and collapse table groups; create multi-level table headers; customize header/group colors (foreground, background), select the font and text orientation. You can search not only in the data currently presented in the table, but also refer to the database connected with the component.

  • add amusing visual effects

To save developer's time and efforts Visual Java/SWING Components Library offers professional visual effects,such as fade in/fade out mouse-over effects, color gradients, color opacity and gradient direction, animated buttons, different buttons shapes, rounded panel border.

  • develop user-friendly table navigation toolbars

These controls allow enhancing table management by improving table navigation, adding or duplicating entries, adding/deleting rows, saving rolling-back changes and much more. Coupled with Table component it helps developer create advance database application.

Visual Java Components Library is aimed to assist:

  • Java application interface developers
  • Web developers
  • Any business company that develops GUI and extends standard functionality
  • Everyone who is interested in creating portable great-looking applications

Visual Java Components Library Overview:

  • Amazing visual effects (3D border effects, color gradients, button animation, hyper-link buttons, etc.) for Java applications and applets
  • Create customizable, searchable, expandable, multi-level table headers using Table component
  • Advanced table management (show/hide columns, roll-back changes, and so on)
  • Enhanced tabbed pane with lots of visual effects: animated tab switching, fade in/fade out mouse-over effects, customizable active/inactive tabs visualization
  • Versatile image manipulations (zooming, rotation, scrolling, etc.)
  • Display database query results in advanced combo-box (highlight, filter results and many more)
  • Background/foreground colors for almost every control
  • Comprehensive API documentation
  • Great number of sample code provided to facilitate the start
  • All major visual integrated development environments are supported

Visual Java Components Library is:

  • The next generation SWING component library
  • A perfect starting point for developing user-friendly application or applet
  • The only component that lets you develop and create complex tables and manipulate table data
  • Robust component packed with features

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Product news

Java SWING Components Library is very helpful and irreplaceable in creating interfaces, controls, toolbars using Java technology. This tool gives so much more than the standard SWING library, leaving place for our creativity and style.

Lisa McCormick

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    29th December, 2006
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    14th August, 2007
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Demo limitation
  • Demo only, components available for usage upon purchase
System requirements
  • Java Runtime 1.4.2 or above
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